BreakThrough with Ed Bradley

Personal BreakThrough Coaching Programme.

Our Personal BreakThrough Coaching Programme gives MotorSport athletes the opportunity to lead their lives in the direction they want so you can truely be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have.

Are you ready to increase your mental horsepower?

Why experience the Personal BreakThrough Coaching Programme?

There are a number of reasons why motorsport athletes use Ed Bradleys’¬†Personal BreakThrough Coaching Programme. Essentially it is for overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from succeeding in your motorsport discipline and bringing the fun back in to your competitions.¬†
You can get rid of the things that you currently have in your life that you no longer want, such as, bad feelings when you get to races and in certain situations when riding, thoughts of terrible things happening to you, fear of hurting yourself again, fights and conflict with your family and support crew.
You can also get the things that you want, which you currently don’t have, in your life too, such as, Confidence, Determination, Self Belief, Continual Energy and Motivational drive.

Ed has worked with many professional motorsport athletes and has designed the programme only for those who are serious about their racing and committed to getting the result you want

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