Practise Group

Your riding experience with us is important and we want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible and in a safe environment.
We run grouped practice sessions each day so that you are riding with other customers of a similar ability. Our approach is to keep kids sperate from riders on big bikes and beginner/novice riders seperate from expert riders…if you are an intermedaite rider you can choose to ride with the either the Novice/Intermediate group or the Intermediate/Expert group.

Auto riders are kept seperate from the main track and use the Mini bike circuit.

Our Signing in staff will help you choose the correct group for you and our marshals continually assess riders on the track and will move any rider in to the correct group if necessary.

The minimum age of riders on big bikes (125cc or 250f and bigger) in the Novice/Intermediate or Intermediate/Expert groups is 14 years and must have the consent of their parent.